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Games on Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Monday, December 30, 2019 11:48:53 PM

Each game will consist of three, 18 minute running clock periods. The clock will only be stopped for following:

· Penalties (Minors are 2:30, Majors are 5:00, Misconducts are 10 Mins)

· Goals 

· TimeOuts (1 Minute, each team) 

· Injury

.  In the last 2 minutes of the game if within 3 goals 

Officials will drop the puck for Faceoffs in such time as one whole team is lined-up, and if an opposing team cannot line up(in that same period of time) or delays intentionally; the puck will be dropped!  The waiting and delaying makes for poor hockey and we would like it removed from the game.

If at the 2-minute mark in the third period, the score is tied or within three goals, the clock will run on stopped time. Each game will have a Warm-up period of 4 minutes after the scheduled time. 

Blue-Line Icing (must cross your own Blue line before Icing is permitted)

Overtime- Regular Season

If tied, One 5 min Stop-time period of 5-on-5 will be played. If no goals, game ends in a tie. 

Overtime- Playoffs

Qualifying Playoff Rounds #1 to 4, Points-based format

If tied, One 5 min Stop-time period of 5-on-5 will be played. If no goals, game ends in a tie and One point is awarded to each team. If a winner is decided; Two points is awarded to the winner.

Final Playoff Rounds
If a playoff game is tied after regulation time has expired, 18 min Running Clock periods of 5-on-5 will be played as Sudden Death until a winner is decided.

 All penalties incurred during the third period of regulation time will be in effect. 

** CRITERIA for Determining Playoff Standings

Scoring for each round robin game will be as follows:

    2 points for a win        1 point for a tie        1 point for an OT loss

In the event of a tie in points scored the following tiebreakers will be used:

A.       Most wins


B.        Head to Head of teams tied if applicable

C.        Least goals allowed

D.       Total goal differential (GA minus GF)

E.        Least penalty minutes

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